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Thailand Young Workers' Organising Workshop

9 April, 2015
09.00 - 12.30
Eastin Makassan Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
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This is an introductory workshop for locally based young workers attending a PSI meeting for the first time.

The purpose is to give them an understanding of who PSI is and how they operate in their sub region/region, as well as asking them how we can engage with youth and what we can do to be more effective. The intent is to create a relaxed and informal environment where youth can learn and impart information in a fun and interactive way.

When youth leave the workshop they will have a basic understanding of PSI and its purpose, as well as experience participating in a group activity and presenting to a large group. The aim is to identify possible young leaders to take the reins into the future, particularly in the development of organising work for young workers in Thailand. We will also be considering new youth representatives on the PSI Executive Board.

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