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Strengthening our health systems

15 July 2015
PSI-affiliated health sector unions in Ghana celebrated West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) Day on 9 July 2015. This year’s celebration took place at the Registered Nurses Hostel in Accra. This celebration goes on not only in Ghana but other West African Countries as well.

PSI Regional Secretary for Africa and Arab Countries, David Dorkenoo, stressed the prompt attention that should be given to the Ebola issue and particularly emphasized the need for rebuilding the national health systems in West Africa countries. He touched on the importance of hiring well-trained doctors and technicians, nurses and physician assistants as a priority.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated in its Ebola Interim Assessment Panel report that Ebola Virus Disease recovery in West Africa needs more urgency as the region's battered systems have limited capacity to reactivate essential health services. The message further indicated that “Emerging diseases cannot be detected and controlled if there are no well-equipped laboratories, hospitals and professionally trained health personnel." He indicated that Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea could not withstand the threat of Ebola due to the weak public health delivery system in those countries.

The Regional Secretary then seized the opportunity to appeal to the Government of Ghana through the Minister of Health to ensure that the over 2,000 qualified Ghanaian nurses and midwives who have completed their training but are still waiting to be offered jobs, be employed to strengthen the health system in Ghana.

He concluded by indicating the commitment of PSI to working with the West African Health Sector Union Network (WAHSUN) who are championing improvement in the delivery of health services in West Africa.

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