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Ride Ride Ride for Social Justice - Route of Shame 2017

13 June 2017
On 9th June 2017, Public Services International organized the Route of Shame for the fourth time, inviting global trade union leaders, local unions, international organisations, NGOs and the people of Geneva to participate in a ride for social justice, trade union rights and the right to strike for all workers.

Representatives from EI, ITF, Industriall, Brazil, Ukraine, Algeria, Columbia, Guatemala, Argentina, Nigeria and the Philippines spoke about global solidarity and how we can win the struggle for social justice by working together, while blocking the Friday evening traffic in Geneva.

David Boys, PSI Deputy General Secretary said: “In recent years, millions of people around the world have spoken out against austerity, in favour of better wages, and against the secret trade agreements that will put an end to democracy and rights won with so much effort. Instead of creating decent jobs with decent wages, the current economic model pursues full exploitation with minimum wages, zero hours contracts and young people who work for free for months. In many countries the situation of workers is even more desperate without formal access to employment, investment in public services, and growing insecurity. PSI calls for the real transformation of the world of work and political, social and cultural change based on policies favourable to women and workers, and trade unions have a key role to play in this process.

We call for the implementation of fundamental rights for all - and the leadership of the ILO and the promotion of the model of social dialogue in the realization of the objectives of sustainable development. Without a real commitment to human rights we will not be able to carry out the 2030 agenda. The SDGs must be based on equality and human rights rather than promoting the privatization and unbridled commercialization of all public goods. A sustainable future is built on democracy and decent work, not the interests of the few.

 “We are here together on the Place des Nations to call for trade union rights, collective bargaining rights and the right to strike for all workers! We are here to show solidarity with all those trade unionists that are fighting for their rights and their lives!”

The Route of Shame takes place during the 106th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva. A major focus of the annual ILC is to determine whether countries are upholding their obligations to respect the rights of workers and their trade unions under International Labour conventions. Countries of specific concern for PSI include Algeria, Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Turkey.

In these and many other countries, violations take place that range from refusing registration to trade unions, discrimination of trade union members, political repression, impunity of violent attacks and murders of activists, and deadly working conditions.  Precarious jobs in the public sector and austerity measures continue to undermine human and trade union rights around the world.

The #RouteofShame passed by the missions of Colombia, Turkey, Ecuador, Guatemala, Botswana and others.

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