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Resolution 32: After COP 17: Campaigning for Green Jobs and Policies

30 November, 2012

The 29th World Congress of Public Services International (PSI),
meeting in Durban, South Africa, on 27-30 November 2012

NOTES the following:

 a)   The disappointing but somewhat predictable outcomes of COP 17 in terms of concrete action and binding policies on governments.

 b)   The continuing challenge of finding a sustainable response to environmental degradation and the desperate need to address the question of unemployment.

 c)   The importance of maintaining and asserting a worker/people friendly dimension in the climate change discourse.

 d)   The special role that could be played by local and national government structures in developing, implementing and monitoring green policies.

 This Congress therefore RESOLVES to:

 Establish a Green Jobs Campaign Task Team that will over the next year develop a comprehensive campaign strategy to complement the Programme of Action and to include:

 a)  Strategies for ensuring that whatever agreements emerge at international or national level that central to them must be the creation of meaningful jobs, and the protection of existing workers in periods of transition from a non-green to a green economy.

 b)  The filling of vacancies and an increase in public sector quality jobs to address unemployment through increased service delivery and to address environmental challenges.

 c)   Develop a critical checklist to enable affiliates to engage governments on how to ensure that they follow through on COP 17 outcomes and initiate campaign action at national level, and monitor challenges and advances that arise.


See all Congress resolutions including the Program of Action and the Constitution.


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