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Resolution 17: In defence of decent work and securing quality public service

30 November, 2012

The 29th World Congress of Public Services International (PSI), meeting in Durban, South Africa, on 27-30 November 2012


The public service of Guyana since colonial days has been a career professional service and positions are on the permanent pensionable establishment and the Public Service Commission (PSC) being responsible for the appointment of persons to these positions.


The government of Guyana since taking office in 1992 over time has been eroding the independence of the Public Service Commission by instructing the Commission when to fill vacancies and on occasions who to be appointed in the position.


The GPSU challenged the government to desist from doing this.


That the government continued this practice.


Its implications for public servants and the credibility of the public service, the GPSU filed a court action against the government for pursuing this unlawful practice which the court, after hearing the case, declared was unconstitutional.


That the government continued with the practice resulting in the union bringing to its attention that it was in contempt of the court decision and demand that it should cease.


That the government of Guyana while ceasing to instruct the PSC has proceeded arbitrarily to appoint persons in these established positions on annual contracts at times clashing with the Commission’s action to fill these positions.


That the government has also proceeded to intimate to such persons that joining the union may compromise the renewal of their contracts.


That these appointments obstruct promotional opportunities and upward mobility of permanent, pensionable persons in the public service causing frustration which results in many workers leaving their jobs.

Further OBSERVING with concern

That representation to the government to desist from that conduct and be more sensitive and appreciative of the unfairness of their actions viz.

       i.          contributing to the erosion of workers’ rights in compromising their career prospects;

      ii.          removing security of tenure in employment thereby creating a situation that results in an increased number of precarious workers;

    iii.          politicizing of the Guyana public service which compromises its integrity and credibility.


All affiliates of the PSI to support the GPSU’s pursuit of the full reestablishment of a professional and career public service where employees enjoys security of tenure are obligated to serve faithfully the government of the day and to treat without fear or favour in an even handed manner the citizenry of Guyana and all the other users of the public service.


The General Secretary to convey the concerns of Congress to the government of Guyana.

See all Congress resolutions including the Program of Action and the Constitution.


Also see