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Public sector health services in a downward spiral of privatization in Québec, Canada

12 August 2015
In Québec, the public sector health system is being systematically eroded through deliberate underspending that has physicians fleeing the public system for private practice. As the physicians leave, the conditions for patients in the public system worsen, justifying criticisms of inefficiency and further cuts.

Patients exasperated by waiting lists flock to private clinics for services. And this is all happening without public debate.

Critics fear that Québec will embrace a two track health system, where people who can afford to will seek private services, whereas those who cannot will wait even more and suffer low quality services and poorer outcomes. Yet the government is clearly aiding the process and has recently allowed private clinics that are delivering public services by agreement to charge the additional costs of medical equipment, thereby allowing them to build private clinic assets at taxpayer expense.

These developments are in complete contradiction with the 2030 development agenda that calls for universal access to essential health-care to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages (Sustainable Development Goal 3).

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