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PSI supports ILO Staff's decision to go on strike

22 March 2018

The ILO GB, with the support of the Workers Group (a move that is very hard to comprehend), just adopted a decision to implement the pay cut decided by the UN International Civil Service Commission in 2017, based in a defective methodology that established that salaries of UN staff in Geneva should be reduced by 7.5%, a decision that was taken without consulting with the UN staff representatives.

In a surrealist scenario, the Employers’ Group opposed the implementation of the pay cut, acknowledging that a defective methodology could not be accepted to implement a pay cut - a position that was widely recognized and appreciated by the ILO staff.

The ILO staff agreed to go on strike during an extraordinary meeting held soon after the decision was known. The strike is taking place tomorrow and there will be a picket line preventing access to the ILO building.


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