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PSI Solidarity message to Egyptian trade unions

September 10, 2012
Tahir square February 2011
PSI sends solidarity message to Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions - EFITU.

On September 10, PSI sent the following solidarity message to Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions - EFITU:

20 million working women and men in public services, members of 650 unions across 150 countries are watching what happens in Egypt. We are holding our collective breath, hoping that you are able to build a true democracy, wherein the rights of workers are one of the central pillars.

We congratulate the work and sacrifice of activists who are building EFITU as a truly independent voice for workers. We know that you have been working in difficult conditions for years, and that you are determined to be an active participant in the reshaping of Egypt.

Your new government must be made to understand that workers deserve dignity in their daily lives. They must understand that your trade unions will not stop fighting for justice and equity. That your trade unions will not allow a new Egypt to be built on inequality and exploitation.

Public Services International will continue to support EFITU’s campaign for a new trade union law, which gives independent trade unions the right to organise members and collect member contributions, and which protects union members and activists in independent trade unions from dismissal and other discrimination.

PSI will send messages to your government, as appropriate, to indicate our full support for your struggles. We are sharing information with our affiliated unions around the world, in order to make your struggle yet one more in the global struggle for trade union rights and dignity.

We will also provide specific support in trade union campaigns against privatisation and outsourcing of public services. We all know that access to quality public services is fundamental to building a society of justice and equity. Yet, we see too often, governments obey big business and big finance, sell off public assets and deliver public services only to the most wealthy and fortunate.



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