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PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli unanimously re-elected for second term

31 October 2017
Rosa Pavanelli has been re-elected to her role as General Secretary of Public Services International: a decision which was met by cheering throughout the congress venue.

RosaAfter five years in the job, over one hundred affiliates and a thousand delegates made the decision to keep Pavanelli and PSI President Dave Prentis in their roles for the next five year term.

Proclaimed as the only candidate, and therefore the next PSI General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli defined the challenges for the next five years: “Continue fighting against privatisation and ensuring that services are always provided with public resources", as well as, strengthening PSI by increasing its membership.

As well as the above, on the first day of the World Congress, Dave Prentis was also proclaimed as the next President of the organisation.

"The bigger we are, the stronger we are to face our enemies," Pavanelli said while assuring that as an organisation, "we have to change, because we do not always measure up to the needs of our workers, especially the new generations".

On the first day of Congress, Rosa was positively evaluated and highlighted the active participation of the attendees in the debate, she said "there are different positions regarding some of the resolutions, that strengthens the internal democracy in our organisation."

"I think that spaces like these where we can talk, recognize ourselves and share moments of joy, is what an organisation like PSI needs and deserves."


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