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Oceania young workers’ meeting in Sydney

24 March 2014
Young workers' meeting
On 19 March the first PSI Oceania young workers’ meeting was held in Sydney, before the Oceania Sub-regional Advisory Committee (OSRAC). There were 10 attendees, representing 5 affiliates and 3 countries. The aim of the meeting was to introduce young people to PSI and its work, as well as giving them a taste of the issues that PSI deals with on a global basis.

Participants were taken through PSI's structure and purpose, as well as the timing of all the meetings. They were then shown a presentation called "PSI: Opportunities for Youth" by Katie Rowsell, Oceania Youth Co-Coordinator. The presentation highlighted the many opportunities PSI offers young people, helping them to get their message out there and to develop leadership skills. The meeting also encouraged solidarity between our brothers and sisters and allowed members to meet union leaders.

Paul Collier, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association, then took the group through his union’s Robin Hood Tax campaign. This was well received by the group and seen as highly relevant to public service unions. The group then went and had a photo shoot wearing the Robin Hood hats, much to the fascination of the public. 

Nick Kelly, New Zealand Public Service Association (NZPSA), spoke about multinational companies and tax justice. The group was shocked to discover how little these corporate giants are contributing back in tax. Ideas were brainstormed on how to highlight awareness of this in young people, as well as possible ideas for the G20 in Brisbane. Mike Tana, NZPSA President, also attended the meeting and gave out sage advice to the group on stepping up and the importance of young people being involved in unions.

It was a really inspiring and fun meeting that will have ongoing impact on affiliates with attendees enthusiastic to do more. A resolution on the development of regional awards for youth and their mentors and a recommendation to support the OSRAC youth work plan, were endorsed by OSRAC. 

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