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Nine KESK members released in Turkey, pending trial

23 September 2013
Nine members of PSI affiliate KESK have been released from prison. They form part of a large group of KESK members who were arrested in February 2013.

The released unionists are:

Members of Eğitim Sen Bursa Branch: Mustafa Tuna, Özgür Yılmaz, İsmail Doğan
Members of Eğitim Sen Balıkesir Branch: Mehmet Cafer Keleş, Ferhat Doğan, Erdoğan Koç
Representative of Eğitim Sen Çanakkale-Biga : Emin Ali Mollaoğlu,
Member of SES Çanakkale Branch:  Gökhan Top
Member of SES Bursa Branch: Derviş Lermi

The next hearing within this trial is scheduled on November 18, 2013.

PSI welcomes news of their release, but it is important not to forget that many KESK members remain in prison. In addition, trade unionists are regularly arrested, victims of police repression against trade unionists.  

PSI calls on the Turkish authorities to release all imprisoned trade unionists immediately and that all prosecutions against them be dropped.

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