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Nigerian union says No to corruption on Public Services Day

08 July 2014
PSI affiliate Nigerian Civil Service Union made a declaration on Public Services Day (23 June) denouncing the problems of corruption in the country.

"Neo liberalism has caused immense harm to social services in Nigeria and will continue to do so through corruption which seems to have been legalized, says the union. Due to corrupt practices, economic policies are poorly designed, education level is low, civil society is underdeveloped, while accountability in public institutions remains weak. Corruption has affected the nation’s growth and overall development.

"The policy [of neo liberalism] in Nigeria has not only succeeded in creating unemployment, it has created a wide gap between the rich and the poor. The rich continue to get richer, while the poor continues to get poorer. It is the conviction of Nigeria Civil Service Union that, the neo-liberal policies have not been accompanied by National social responsibility for human life. It has caused and will continue to cause enormous economic and social dislocation."

Read the declaration in full

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