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Migration: Australia National Report

24 November, 2012
PSI/Jane Pillinger
Cover page
Quality healthcare and workers on the move. The Australia National Report is one of several research studies in key origin and destination countries carried out under the International Migration and Women Health and Social Care Workers Programme of Public Services International (PSI).

The research is based on questionnaires completed by 478 migrant health and social care workers in New South Wales and Queensland. This was carried out through participatory research with the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives Association (NSWNMA) and the Queensland Nurses Union (QNU).

The research focuses on what governments, employers and public service trade unions can do to ensure that migration is based on the principles of human rights, decent work and non-discrimination.

It also shows the importance of quality public health and social care services and a quality healthcare workforce. It documents the experiences of migrant health and social care workers living and working in Australia, their motivations for migrating and the effects on the health and social care sectors in countries of origin.


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