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Quality Public Services

In co-operation with other global federations of unions, PSI has launched the Quality Public Services – Action Now! campaign. This campaign unites public and private sector trade unions, municipal governments and civil society groups in advancing quality public services as the best means of building equitable, sustainable, peaceful and democratic societies. We believe investment in quality public services backed by fair taxation policies is a key solution to the economic crisis.

Spain: unions call for general strike over labour laws

23 March 2012
UGT and CC.OO banners

Spain's two main unions, both PSI affiliates, have called for a general strike on 29 March to protest against changes to labour laws and in defence of public services ahead of the presentation of the 2012 budget and its accompanying austerity measures.

Implementing the Right to Water in the green economy

21 March 2012
Demonstration at the alternative water forum

Water Justice activists, including PSI unions, have successfully pushed the human right to water and sanitation (RTW) onto the global agenda. The UN General Assembly Resolution 64/292 of 2010 has set the standard for government obligations in ensuring universal access. Many national campaigns insist that governments adopt RTW and implement universal access to water and sanitation. Unions are working with a broad range of allies at global, regional, national and local levels.

PSI solidarity with Reclaim Wisconsin

12 March 2012

PSI's Communicators’ Action Network/ QPS campaign and solidarity week in Wisconsin was absolutely amazing!  Over 15 communicators and union journalists from PSI, CUPE, CSQ, PSAC, SEIU National (DC), AFL-CIO National, plus Wisconsin affiliates and community groups worked together in an outstanding team effort. Also attending were unionleaders from NUPGE, PSAC, and New South Wales Nurses Association; and  many PSI affiliates sent letters of support and solidarity.

Pakistan: Mobilisation against privatisation of the electricity sector

20 December 2011

Public Services International sent a letter to Pakistani trade unions on 20 December 2011 strongly supporting the national mobilisation against privatisation of the electricity sector. Experience shows that electricity privatisation is a disaster for almost all involved, except perhaps a very few who manage to squeeze profits from rising tariffs, reduced wages, increased outsourcing and precarious labour, and other unethical practices.

PSAC launches second video highlighting absurdity of cuts

15 December 2011

The giant squirrel strikes again! The Public Service Alliance of Canada has launched another video as part of its Third Choice campaign. In this one, a giant squirrel disrupts a meat inspector and secretly plants non-inspected meat in a young mother's grocery cart. It's designed to highlight the absurdity of forcing Canadians to choose between eliminating the deficit and having food properly inspected.

Third Choice

05 December 2011
Third Choice campaign logo

ThirdChoice.ca says forcing Canadians to choose between a strong economy and strong public services is absurd. Join the campaign.

European Day of Action 30 November

30 November 2011
No to Austerity

On Wednesday 30 November, public sector workers all over Europe are protesting against austerity measures following a call for action by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU). In the UK, 2 million workers are taking part in the public sector unions’ pension strike. Trade unionists in Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece and other European countries are organising a national day of action on 30 November.