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Quality Public Services

In co-operation with other global federations of unions, PSI has launched the Quality Public Services – Action Now! campaign. This campaign unites public and private sector trade unions, municipal governments and civil society groups in advancing quality public services as the best means of building equitable, sustainable, peaceful and democratic societies. We believe investment in quality public services backed by fair taxation policies is a key solution to the economic crisis.

Precarious Work: Our Concern

17 October 2013
Workshop participants

PSI affiliate, the Government Services Employees Association (GSEA) of Mauritius, marked World Day for Decent Work by holding a one-day workshop around the theme “Precarious Work: Our Concern”.

Funding Quality Public Services – Tax Justice Campaign

17 October 2013

PSI affiliates in the Asia Pacific region are discussing how they can engage in specific tax justice campaign activities, following an interactive workshop as part of the AP Quality Public Services Forum in Bangkok on 16 October 2013.

Trade agreements and the impact on public services

17 October 2013
PSI Thai affiliates host the Quality Public Services Forum, 16-18 Oct in Bangkok

As part of the AP Quality Public Services Forum that took place in Bangkok from 16-18 October 2013, PSI affiliates from across the Asia Pacific region have committed to taking action to oppose various pending trade deals that threaten the common good.

Workers’ rights and municipal organising in Brazil

07 October 2013
Joao Gabriel Guimaraes Buonavita

Brazilian Joao Gabriel Guimaraes Buonavita represented the PSI-affiliated SINDSEP-SP union at the UCLG World Summit for Local and Regional Leaders in Rabat, Morocco, 1-4 October 2013.

“My participation at this conference was a great opportunity to meet Brazilian mayors and organisations,” he said.

Public services and decent work for all

07 October 2013
ITUC Poster for WDDW

On 7 October we celebrate the World Day for Decent Work. Public Services International (PSI) joins the international trade union movement in demanding decent work for all and an end to the continuous attacks on trade union rights around the world. We want jobs that provide decent salaries and social security with safe working conditions.

No democracy without transparency

04 October 2013

Public Services International General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli stressed the importance of transparency in public services as a means to fight corruption and to obtain resources to cover the needs of public service users, during forum discussions at the United Cities and Local Governments World Summit in Rabat, Morocco, 1-4 October.

Trade unions and sustainable development for intermediary cities

03 October 2013

Alain Le Saux, General Secretary of Metropolis (the world association for major metropolises), was the moderator for the session entitled Planning and financing intermediary cities during the World summit of local and regional leaders in Rabat, 1-4 October 2013.

During the session, mayors from cities with a population of around 50,000 presented their policy for sustainability, cooperation and innovation.