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Interview: Delivering quality public services to refugees in Greece

19 May, 2016

Interview with Georgios Gioulos, ADEDY

In an interview on 16 March, Georgios Gioulos, from PSI Greek affiliate ADEDY, describes how public sector workers dealing with refugees in Greece are working under very difficult conditions and doing their utmost to provide quality public services.

Gioulos explains in this video that public sector workers in Greece are suffering. There is a lack of resources due to the policies of austerity put in place these last 5-6 years in Greece. Budget constraints and staff reductions have made working conditions difficult for public sector workers. These public servants work overtime without pay, are under pressure and psychological stress as they are dealing with people under great distress.

Georgios Gioulos was interviewed during the PSI-EPSU-ETUI seminar “Public Services Welcoming Migrants: Strengthening the Role of Public Service Trade Unions in the Protection of Human Rights and Delivery of Public Services to Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees” that was held on 14-16 March in Brussels, Belgium.

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