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Climate change

The crises have highlighted the vulnerability of many of the countries in the Americas. Large economies in the north and south are showing some signs of recovery, but there has been a roll-back of public services and benefits to many workers.

There is a jobs deficit and workers and their organisations are fighting even harder for decent jobs. It is increasingly difficult for young people to find jobs, far less decent jobs.

Smaller economies in the south are struggling in an environment of high debt and low v.4/April 2015 growth, with some Caribbean economies having decided to seek assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB). This has exacted another blow on public services and the workers who deliver these much needed services.

Climate change is another important issue in the region, with vast ecosystems under serious threat. The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and coastal regions in the Americas are struggling to survive. And the impact of climate change on all aspects of productive capacity and everyday life highlight the extreme vulnerability of countries in this grouping.

These and many other factors bring into sharp focus the issue of sustainable development and the role of public services in building fair and sustainable societies. There is a somewhat disproportionate emphasis on the economic aspect of sustainable development and seemingly little recognition that the three pillars (economic, social and environmental) are inter-linked.

PSI Americas will:

  • continue to use its international reputation in forums to influence regional and global agendas on sustainable development, especially the post 2015 development agenda;
  • work with affiliates to build their capacity to fight for climate justice and a just transition to green jobs and green economies;
  • continue to build alliances with like-minded NGOs and networks;
  • work with affiliates to reinforce the message that migration is not a tool for development.
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