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How Arab women are fighting back to protect their revolutions

02 April 2013
Dr Randa Khaldri
Women trade unionists from across the Middle East and North Africa participated in a regional women’s leadership conference in Tunis on 23-24 March 2013. Union activists from Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Palestine, Canada, Belgium and Sweden shared experiences and brainstormed on ways to advance women’s equality in their workplaces and respective countries.

“It was very useful to meet other women union leaders who fight against dictators, who fight against discrimination, and gain their rights. Women who prove to all the world that we can fight for our rights, and that we are on the same level with men — not behind them but with them — and that maybe sometimes we can do better than them!”
said Dr. Randa Al Khaldi, president of the women’s committee of the General Trade Union of Workers in Health Services (GTUWAS) and national coordinator for PSI in Jordan.

Listen to the RadioLabour interview with Dr Randa Khaldri of the Jordanian health services union.


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