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PSI event

Forum Against Corruption in Latin America

9 December, 2013

The public often perceives corruption in public services above all as a phenomenon of individual public service employees taking bribes for delivering services or favours to individual citizens. Many citizens of the wealthy and more developed nations believe that corruption is particularly a problem of politicians in poor or developing countries. However, these are only some aspects of corruption, and focussing on them alone obscures the fundamental problem of corruption as a challenge for societies all around the world.

PSI Trade In Services Agreement event in Bali

5 December, 2013

Public Services International is presenting a special forum at the 9th WTO Ministerial in Bali. This forum aims to shed light in dark corners: Why is a new services agreement required? Why must it be negotiated in secrecy outside the multilateral process? Why are so many developing countries refusing to participate? What benefit will it provide to the majority in the community?

Event: Trade union rights in Guatemala

27 November, 2013

Please join us to meet Luis Lara and Dora Regina, the leaders of PSI affiliate SNTSG (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Salud) and leaders of the Frente Nacional de Lucha : They have come to Brussels to meet the EU Parliament and European trade unionists. Dora and Luis will give a short talk, followed by a reception.

Public Service Trade Union Action Planning Meeting on Social Protection for Migrant Workers

28 November, 2013 to 30 November, 2013

Public Services International (PSI), in collaboration with the International Labour Organization Decent Work Across Borders Project (ILO DWAB): a Pilot Project for Migrant Health Professionals and Skilled Workers, funded by the European Union, is organising a “Public Service Trade Union Action Planning Meeting on Social Protection for Migrant Workers,” 28-30 November 2013, Berlin, Germany.

PSI/FES project meeting: Influencing the debates on public policy and the development agenda in the Caribbean

4 November, 2013 to 6 November, 2013

This is the final workshop in the current 3-year co-operation project between PSI and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The project pursues the following specific objective: The international trade union movement has promoted the debate on an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable international economic order.

Trade union communications workshop

7 November, 2013

This one-day workshop is designed to add to the efforts being made by PSI’s two affiliates in Jamaica who have already embarked on their commitment to improve and build their communications efforts.

PSI Steering Committee SC-17

11 November, 2013 to 12 November, 2013

The PSI Steering Committee SC-17 will meet at the ILO on the 11-12 November 2013 in Room IX. The meeting will start at 9.30 and end by 17.45.

PSI Communicators' Action Network - Greece 4-8 November 2013

4 November, 2013 to 8 November, 2013

An expert team of affiliate union journalists and communicators from around the world are gathering for the PSI-EPSU Communicators’ Action Network initiative in Athens, Greece from 4-8 November. This is a joint project of PSI and EPSU, together with our affiliate unions, ADEDY, and allies in Greece. Read the stories: www.psi-can-greece.org

PSI Sub-regional Advisory Committee for Arab countries (SUBRAC)

25 March, 2014 to 27 March, 2014

PSI Asia Pacific Regional Forum on Quality Public Services

16 October, 2013 to 18 October, 2013

PSI’s Asia Pacific Regional Office is hosting a forum on quality public services on 16-18 October 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. The forum will highlight discussion on the priority public services issues of the region, evaluating union strengths and strategies to take the issues to a further level.