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Europeans say no to austerity - in pictures

28 October 2013
European workers holding anti-austerity banners
Across Europe thousands of workers have taken part in a European action of EPSU to tell European Commission President Barroso and European Council President Van Rompuy that we have had it with austerity. Through pictures taken at their work places, trade unionists are showing the European Council and Commission that Europe's public workers and trade unions have a common message: We need an end to austerity and focus on alternatives such as investment in public services and infrastructure to help economies grow, provide quality care and tackle inequalities. The pictures are a virtual mass-demonstration and a vivid illustration that workers want a change in direction.

See the photos from European trade unions here.

Public service workers have taken part in hundreds of workplace actions, taking pictures with joint logos, across the EU stressing that we expect our governments to address tax justice to fight tax fraud. This can bring back the 1 trillion euros that is lost every year in the EU as corporations and rich individuals do not contribute their fair share to our economies.

Barroso and Van Rompuy should stop listening to corporate interests and instead improve the living and working conditions of precarious workers. With their action, European workers demand European leaders keep their hands out of collective bargaining. It is none of their business nor their competence.

With this action, workers are underlining that we have a common message across Europe. "We do not agree with the current policies that cut public spending and will have long term consequences contributing to more poverty and inequality", says EPSU's Jan Willem Goudriaan. You can not improve tax collection if you reduce the number of tax inspectors. You can not have better quality education or health and social services if funding and the number of staff are slashed. He adds: "We need public investment to have sustainable growth, create jobs and address unemployment and youth unemployment. We do not need another corporate agenda to weaken collective bargaining, employment legislation and social policy such as on health and safety.

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