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Education support and cultural workers

15 January 2014

Public Services International affiliates represent hundreds of thousands of educational support workers throughout the world, many of who work without job security, fair compensation and benefits, or recognition that their services are vital to ensuring high quality public education for all citizens. The jobs of support workers are on the frontlines of the privatization and casualization struggle within the education sector, and many of these workers face challenges in pursuing their basic freedom to form a union and collectively bargain their terms and conditions of service. More information


08 January 2014

PSI is working towards achieving Quality Public Services and Decent Work for all workers through intervention and influencing global policies. Pension and social security is integral in the context of QPS and Decent work. We believe that all workers in all services must have access to pension schemes enabling them to
retire from work and receive an income adequate for their needs.

Energy in India: Private investment not a panacea for all ills

8 Oct 2013

This article, published in India Together, outlines some of the key areas that need to be focused on, in order to make the country's energy sector genuinely healthy and inclusive. In particular, it identifies areas that need improvement and special attention beyond attracting private investment, namely energy access, environmental management and governance.

Independent GRSE Workmen’s Union emerges as sole bargaining union

27 November 2013

Against all odds, GRSE Workmen’s Union, an independent trade union, emerged as sole bargaining union at Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), a leading public sector company under the Ministry of Defence of India, in the elections held on 27th November 2013. It is relevant to note that these elections were postponed on two consecutive dates (8th October and 21st November).

Unions in India hold forum on the elimination of violence against women

27 November 2013
Participants to the forum holding the different GUF posters

Close to 50 representatives from ITF, PSI, UNI, IndustriALL and BWI affiliated unions attended a joint discussion forum on the issue of Effective participation by trade unions on ending violence against women.  The forum was held on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November 2013, at Maniben Kara Hall, in Mumbai, in India.

Presentation: Trade union rights in India

18 Oct 2013

This presentation was made by Raman Kannan during the PSI AP Quality Public Services Forum in Bangkok, Thailand - October 2013


26 September 2013

Corruption is one of the sicknesses of our society. PSI believes that one of the best alternatives to austerity and cuts to public spending is to seriously fight against corruption. We also link this new PSI campaign against corruption to the fight for global tax justice.

Seminar in India on ILO Convention ratification

19 September 2013
Meeting room with Banner and participants

ILO ACTRAV and trade unions in India jointly organised an Asia Pacific Regional Symposium on the follow up to the Campaign for Ratification and Application of ILO Conventions 87 and 98 at New Delhi on 11-13 September 2013. The focus of the symposium was a review of the ratification campaign in select countries of Asia Pacific and development of a strategy for the next two years, building up towards the ILO’s 2015 timeline for universal ratification of fundamental conventions.

Videos: BRICS Cycle of Debates

04 September 2013

Trade unions demand a social dimension to BRICS

04 September 2013

Public Services International (PSI), CSPB and CONDSEF organized the first BRICS Cycle of Debates in Brasilia, 8-10 August 2013, bringing together trade union organizations of public sector workers affiliated to PSI from Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, with the participation of representatives from China, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Peru, Paraguay and Colombia.