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Ebola Response

24 October 2014

Deaths to health workers accounted for six percent of all deaths confirmed as due to EVD, even to the end of the outbreaks. Over 500 health workers, including members of PSI affiliated unions, were killed in the line of duty. PSI is actively lobbying national governments, the ILO and WHO and working with health and allied care workers in our unions to rebuild health systems that can resist future outbreaks in the context of universal access to essential healthcare, which is the core of the post-2015 agenda for health.

Trade unions discuss tax justice in Ghana

24 September 2014

By Jerry Detse Mensah-Pah

On 9-11 September 2014, Public Services International, through its Africa and Arab Regional Office and with support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, organized a workshop for 50 Trade Union Staff and Activists in Tema, Ghana to empower them with skills and tools for trade union work on the issue of tax justice.

AFRECON 2014: Abu Kuntolo (English)

Video: Abu Kuntolo - AFRECON

13 May 2014

AFRECON 2014: Abu Kuntolo (English)

AFRECON 2014: Donald Gyimah

Video: Donald Gyimah - AFRECON

13 May 2014

AFRECON 2014: Donald Gyimah

AFRECON 2014: Michael Adumatta Nyantakyi

Video: Michael Adumatta Nyantakyi - AFRECON

13 May 2014

AFRECON 2014: Michael Adumatta Nyantakyi

AFRECON 2014: Naomi Otoo

Video: Naomi Otoo - AFRECON

13 May 2014

AFRECON 2014: Naomi Otoo

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

09 April 2014

International trade agreements such as the TPP are currently being fast-tracked and negotiated in secrecy. These agreements undermine local and national government decision-making power and increase corporate access to public services resulting in the privatization of critical public services. PSI is working with global union federations, affiliated unions, and civil society allies who oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) being negotiated in the Asia Pacific Region.

Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

02 April 2014

PSI is currently undertaking further research on the effects of the TISA on our sectors. PSI will be working with civil society and other allies to oppose the harmful effects of the TISA.

Social protection floors

30 March 2014

Today, as much as 80 per cent of the global population does not have access to social protection and lives in social insecurity, facing complete loss of income when a personal or national economic crisis strikes. Social Protection was pushed to the fore of the international agenda after the obvious damage due to the financial and economic crises, and a 2012 ILO Recommendation operationalizes Social Protection Floors as two-pronged, providing universal access to essential health care and basic income security in the case of maternity, for children and when people are sick, unemployed, disabled, and old. Read more>>>

PSI Africa energy sector union network meets

24 March 2014

Energy trade union representatives from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda met in Kigali, Rwanda, on 5-6 March for a workshop of the PSI Africa energy sector union network.

Almost 30 participants discussed the energy situation in their countries, and emphasized the obligation for all governments to provide electricity to all their citizens, especially in Africa.