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Caribbean SUBWOC: Raising the bar

29 March 2016
Women trade union leaders and activists from the Caribbean met in Guyana to review their work over the past year and develop plans for 2016/17. Committee members celebrated their various achievements over the year, while recognising that there is much more work to do.

Having developed greater awareness of gender-based violence on women, children and societies, the next stage involves working with selected ministries and departments to develop policies to combat workplace violence. This work will be valuable input to PSI’s campaign to promote the new standard on gender-based violence at work.

SUBRAC members deliberated on a wide range of issues, taking special note of the important work to be done to implement the sustainable develop goals (SDGs) at the national, regional and global levels. This presents challenges as well as opportunities for the women’s committees and networks at the national and sub-regional levels. The SUBWOC reviewed the way it functions, especially between meetings, and made additional suggestions to improve the way its work can positively impact PSI’s sectoral focus and the strategic priorities.

Over the past year, a number of women activists have been elected to serve their unions on their unions’ executive committees and similar decision-making bodies. Women activists reported that to function effectively and raise the standard of work they do and consequently the results and impact of that work; they must constantly increase their knowledge and skills. In fact, they reported that in their new positions, they are constantly being tested and judged. The meeting therefore again made a loud call for increased investment in quality trade union education and training and capacity building initiatives; adding that they would be working towards this in their own unions. Mentoring young women trade unionists is also key.

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