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Caribbean Sub-regional Advisory Committee meeting - SUBRAC (Jamaica)

16 February, 2017 to 17 February, 2017
09.15 - 17.30
Hotel Four Seasons | Kingston, Jamaica
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The Caribbean Sub-regional Advisory Committee (SUBRAC) meets annually. The SUBRAC is a PSI advisory body comprising representatives from affiliates who “facilitate the consultation process at sub-regional level on policy issues and work programme implementation, and who participate in exchange and dialogue on issues relevant to PSI affiliates.”

The meeting also seeks to Inform, Educate and Motivate/Inspire.

The Titular members, Bro Wayne Jones (JCSA) and Sis Jillian Bartlett (NUGFW TT), co-chair the meeting.

As the PSI celebrates its 110th year, the organisation to be the first global union to produce a Programme of Action (PoA) that mainstreams gender. This means that both men and women in the PSI will take responsibility for putting gender equality into practice.

Our discussions are strategic, using the realities that affiliates face to identify actions and ways to promote quality public services and to influence national and regional decision-making. The discussions pay particular attention to what needs to be done and the methods used to achieve the results we want.

Working methods

The meeting includes presentations, small group activities, and plenary discussions.

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