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Annual Report 2010

3 April, 2011
In the face of widening cuts to public services and attacks on the rights of public sector workers around the world, leaders of private and public sector trade unions, municipal governments and civil society groups made the unprecedented joint commitment to work together to promote investment in quality public services backed by fair taxation policies as the key solution to the economic crisis, and the best way to build peaceful, equitable, democratic and environmentally-sustainable societies.

Public Services International took lead responsibility for organising the Council of Global Unions’ landmark Quality Public Services-Action Now! conference, attended by over 400 delegates in Geneva, Switzerland in October 2010. The conference established the foundation for a major global campaign guided by a charter and action plan that will link local, national and international efforts to promote quality public services.

While PSI has focused on a quality public services programme for many years, this year we held a series of strategy-setting and results-based management training workshops designed to strengthen our capacity to take effective action. This led to the establishment of priority areas of work in the areas of public funding and taxation, privatisation and precarious work. While cross-cutting issues are factored in across these categories, the newly-constituted Policy and Programme Advisory Group has directed that trade union rights be specifically noted as a parallel focus of work. As reverberations continue from the global economic crisis, PSI stands strong with our affiliates to defend and advance the quality public services that our families and communities rely on.


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