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Young Workers: PDK

1 January, 2009
Migration is an issue that affects us all. It cuts across many realities either at work or in the community. Trade unions want to protect migrant workers rights and to promote international solidarity among workers worldwide.

Trade unions are also concerned about social justice and the impact of migration on brain drain in developing countries.

The quality of public services in developing countries suffers because developed countries are not investing in training and retention of their own nationals, particularly in the health and education services.

These issues particularly affect women, both as workers and as users of health services.

The role of PSI and public sector trade unions PSI works with its affiliated public sector trade unions worldwide to strengthen the trade union
response to migration and to promote quality public health services. Through the PSI International Migration and Women Health Workers Project (see www.world-psi.org/migration)
unions are organizing joint campaigns.


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