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Workers in Ghana stand against private control of electricity sector

25 August 2016
Public utility workers have decided to do a partial sit down strike to protest against the ceding of control of the Electricity Company of Ghana to the private sector in a 25-year contract.

Workers from the ECG have opposed the process since the beginning and have submitted various proposals to the government showing that giving up public control is not the best option for the company and will not improve efficency or save costs.

Additionaly, a recent paper published by PSIRU examined the worrying influence of the American Government and the Millenium Challenge Corporation over the process.

Speaking at the protest,  the National Secretary of the Junior Staff Union Frank Adjetey, said “The private investor is going to handle the tariff issue. As an investor you want to make profit, so whatever they can do to make that possible, they'll do it. The tariffs will affect all Ghanaians."

The protest was supported by the Ghana Trade Union Congress, the PUWU and the Ghana The Public Services Workers Union (PSWU).

recent PSI paper on Public Private Partnerships found no conclusive improvement in efficency or cost saving as well as evidence that privatization can increase potential for corruption.

To read the full Press Statement by the PUWU, click here

Public Services International and our affiliates stand behind the Ghana electricity workers fighting against private control of their public services. 


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