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This is what energy democracy looks like

10 March, 2015

This Is What Energy Democracy Looks Like

With climate change looming, we are facing an energy emergency. How can unions fight for change? Watch and share TUED's new animated video on energy democracy.

Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) is a global, multi-sector initiative to advance democratic direction and control of energy in a way that promotes solutions to the climate crisis, energy poverty, the degradation of both land and people, and responds to the attacks on workers’ rights and protections. PSI is one of the founding members of TUED and supports its work.

We are facing an energy and climate emergency that amounts to a planetary crisis. The growing levels of fossil based energy is stretching planetary limits by raising greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution to alarming levels.  This is affecting the health and quality of life of millions.

The power of fossil fuel corporations has made it practically impossible to protect the health and safety of workers and communities, and union representation is under attack across the globe. Despite more energy being generated every year, energy poverty remains a serious global issue — 1.6 billion people, or 20% of the world’s population, do not have regular access to electricity.

It has become increasingly clear that the transition to an equitable, sustainable energy system can only occur if there is decisive shift in power towards workers, communities and the public.

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