Water remunicipalisation tracker website renewed and relaunched

11 July 2014
Remunicipalisation, or the taking back under public management of previously privatised public services, is a growing trend. Together with our allies, PSI is supporting information gathering and exchange, in order to assist campaigns and decision-making.

The water remunicipalisation tracker website, created by the Corporate Europe Observatory and Transnational Institute, has been renewed and relaunched. Some recent additions to the site are remunicipalisation cases in:

The Berlin case has been updated.

The following on-going campaigns for remunicipalisation have been added:

More new remunicipalisation cases are coming soon, including: Arenys de Munt (Spain), White Rock (Canada), Tangiers, Sale and Temara (Morocco), Selangor (Malaysia), as  well as Marseille and Lyon (on-going campaigns in France).

The tracker website is intended as a work-in-progress collective resource and everyone can contribute! Your information on new cases, as well as suggestions/feedback on the functioning of the tracker are very helpful and much appreciated.

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