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Vote for the future you want

08 June 2012
We need your help. It takes 2 minutes of your time, tops, and we would like ALL of you to do it. PLEASE!
  1. Go to http://vote.riodialogues.org/
  2. Click on “Your vote”
  3. Choose the "Employment, decent work and migration" cluster.
  4. Vote these proposals:

“Governments to commit to a Social Protection and Decent Work for all goal by 2030, including access to health, unemployment, ill health, maternity, child protection and disabled people. “

“Set national goals for green jobs based on assessments in terms of current and potential value, gender dimension, working conditions and other aspects of the decent work agenda.”

  1. Go to: Sustainable Development as an answer to Economic and Financial Crisis cluster
  2. Vote for “Create a tax on international financial transaction with a view to contributing to a Green Fund in charge of promoting decent jobs and clean technologies.”
  3. Done!

More information
Union calls for decent work/green jobs, a  social protection floor and the Financial Transaction Tax in Rio, our topics are selected amongst the top 10 issues for the employment discussion in the Rio Dialogues. In order to reach the top 3, to be taken up with heads of state, we need your vote. This time it is really easy to do!

Please tell your colleagues, friends, family, networks and community to visit http://vote.riodialogues.org/ and “Vote for the Future We Want.” But be quick, voting closes June 15th 2012.


 Read more at ITUC Rio+20

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