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USA: PSI condemns forced shutdown

02 October 2013
AFGE members - AFGE photo
PSI has written to its affiliates in the United States to express solidarity and deep concern regarding the forced shutdown of the federal government. We strongly condemn the lock-out of the 800,000 federal workers who want to go to work to support the American people. PSI and all its members stand with its US affiliates in these difficult times. We trust that a political solution will be found that upholds the rights of American workers and access to quality public services for all.

It appears that a group of conservative radicals have taken the American nation hostage because they want to refuse the majority of people the right to social security, to defund Obamacare, and to force deep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid.

One objective of this strategy seems clear: to withdraw the right to the affordable, accessible public services that keep communities healthy, safe, and strong. As your unions have been warning – in the current unstable economic environment, such actions can also have devastating effects on the still fragile recovery in terms of employment and growth.

We know that millions of American citizens voted for more and better jobs and improved social protection for themselves and generations to come. Yet instead of raising taxes for corporations and the super-rich, to provide funding for a way out of the economic crisis by providing decent jobs and working conditions for the millions of working poor, the millionaires and big business interests keep perpetuating and benefiting from a system which increases inequality.

PSI stands with you in advancing better solutions for our communities that are based on economic and social justice. We know that quality public services are the key to a democratic society and sustainable social and economic development, and are dedicated to working with our affiliate unions, allies and communities to achieve these goals.

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