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USA: Paramedic shares harrowing hurricane Sandy story

06 November 2012
Madelyn Brown is an paramedic in New York. Like her other AFSCME sisters and brothers working to help people during the disaster, she did extraordinary work on the job when hurricane Sandy hit New York.

"The actual day of the hurricane, I pulled a double (shift.) I came home for like an hour to get a little rest, then said ‘Let me just get to work a little earlier today because I know it’s going to be chaotic.’ That’s when my daughter was telling me, “Mommy, why can’t you be home with your family? Everyone else is home with their family.” I said “You know I have to go out and help people. There are people who are dying and they can’t make it to the hospital. I give them medicine, take them to the hospital.” My daughter, she calls me a doctor in the streets. My husband stayed home with all three of the kids and I headed out."

Read Madelyn's story at AFSCME's blog.

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