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Unions in Fiji ‘still being targeted’

26 September 2018
The Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA) general secretary Rajeshwar Singh claims that the public sector unions are “still being targeted” to weaken the collective voice of their members. Speaking at its 75th anniversary in Suva on 22 September, Mr. Singh also claimed that they are “suppressed” on a daily basis.


Jessica Savike*

Mr. Singh said it was sad that attacks on trade unionists under the guise of reforms, road shows, laced with buffoonery and political stunts will not help public sector reform.

He also highlighted that the FPSA delegates’ conference passed a resolution to oppose the reforms in all its form.

Public Services International (PSI) regional secretary Kate Lappin, who was the chief guest for the event, said public services and trade unions were able to fundamentally change lives, ensure human rights were realised and shape the world we live in.

She added that PSI was committed to gender equality not just in numbers of delegates in governance and in a meeting but in the work they do to make sure that they bargain for better conditions for women.

Read Kate Lappin's speech here


* This article was originally published at The Fiji Times

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