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Ukrainian workers say no to austerity, demand social dialogue

12 January 2015
Close to 2000 people joined the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine during a rally in Kiev, Ukraine, on 23 December in protest against the government’s plans to limit constitutional rights at work, social security and pensions.

The Ukraine population is suffering from the austerity measures that the government put into place early in 2014. Since that time, purchasing power has been reduced threefold. Wages have been frozen, while inflation has gone up by 20 per cent. For 2015, the government is offering an increase of 3 per cent to the minimum wage and pensions while forecasting 13 per cent inflation for the same period.

The unions have published a list of demands to the government that includes full payment of wage arrears, an end to corruption and a commitment to social dialogue.

Read the unions' demands

Read the resolution adopted by the unions

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