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Turkey: KESK trade unionists released from prison

05 August 2013
Eight members of PSI affiliate KESK have been released from prison. They form part of a large group of KESK members who were arrested in February 2013.

The released unionists are:

  • Akman Şimşek, KESK’s education and organisation secretary
  • Abidin Sırma, previous executive board member of BES trade union
  • Arzu Koluaçık, previous executive member of SES
  • Acun Karadağ, women's secretary of  EĞİTİM SEN Branch No. 1
  • Gülcan Kalkan, member of EĞİTİM SEN Ankara Branch No. 1
  • Mehmet Toğan and Dinçer Öztürk, two members of  EĞİTİM SEN Ankara Branch No. 2
  • Salih Baydemir, member of EĞİTİM SEN Düzce Branch

PSI is expecting to receive further information about the trial that was held on 31 July 2013.

PSI welcomes news of their release, but it is important not to forget that many KESK members remain in prison. In addition, trade unionists are regularly arrested, victims of police repression against trade unionists.  

PSI calls on the Turkish authorities to release all imprisoned trade unionists immediately and that all prosecutions against them be dropped.

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