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Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet receives Nobel Prize at celebration in Oslo

10 December 2015
The Nobel ceremony - Photo: M.B. Haga, MFA
At a celebration in Oslo, Norway, on 10 December 2015, the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet received the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Today we are most in need of making the fight against terrorism an absolute priority, which means perseverance on coordination and cooperation between all nations to drain its resources," Hussein Abassi, head of the Tunisian General Labour Union, one of the quartet honored, said in a speech.

"We need to accelerate the elimination of hot spots all over the world, particularly the resolution of the Palestinian issue and enable the Palestinian people the right to self-determination on their land and build their independent state," he said.

The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet was created after the high-profile assassination of the leftist politician Mohamed Al-Brahmi in 2013, which sparked protests across the country and came a few months after the first political assassination of Chokri Belaid.  It is credited with creating a national dialogue between the country's Islamist and secular coalition parties amid deepening political and economic crisis in 2013.

The Quartet is comprised of four key organisations in Tunisian civil society: the Tunisian General Labour Union UGTT, the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, the Tunisian Human Rights League and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers.

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