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Water and sanitation

Privatisation provides no dividends for the poor

16 January 2014

Privatisation has become the final resort of governments that need funds but are afraid to tax the wealthy and prevent tax evasion by big businesses. This article by Professor Sharon Beder was published in the Brisbane Times on 10 January 2014.

North America

07 January 2014

The Washington Office

Contact: Mark Langevin - Subregional Secretary

Address: 1200 18th Street NW #700 - Washington, D.C. 20036 - USA

Telephone: 202-744-0072

Email: mark.langevin@world-psi.org

Revolution of the Thirsty

07 January 2014
Rooftop sorting of garbage and recyclable materials in Manshiyet Nasir, Cairo. [Photo by Joseph Hill]

Egypt and the Privatization of Water

Defending public water in Greece

Video: Defending public water in Greece

21 December 2013

Defending public water in Greece

Organisations denounce Nestlé’s new human rights impact assessment

19 Dec 2013

Nestlé’s new human rights assessment, launched at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights last week, is full of holes say labour and civil society organizations, including the Blue Planet Project, FIVAS, Food & Water Watch, and Public Services International.

Guyana: Inadequate funding and poor management affect quality of service

19 December 2013

Staff at the Mayor & City Council in Georgetown, Guyana are committed to providing quality services to the people who live in the city. But inadequate funding to the Ministry of the Local Government and the City Council, as well as poor management make this a difficult task.

Water justice movement meets in Barcelona

18 December 2013
group photo

PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli and Deputy David Boys were in Barcelona at the beginning of December, for a meeting with water justice activists, trade unionists, researchers and water operators from 29 countries who had gathered to share analysis and strategies aimed at promoting democratic public water and sanitation services. The participants were linked through the Reclaiming Public Water Network, which met previously in 2011.

Water is a human right!

10 December 2013
water is a human right

10 December is human rights day. We celebrate and remember the struggle of many for human rights and dignity.  The European Citizens’ Initiative “Water is a human right!” is proud to be part of that struggle that unites many on our planet. It has engaged hundred thousands in Europe to demand that the European Commission takes steps to implement the right to water as adopted by the UN in 2010.