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Tax Justice and Financial Transaction Tax Forums

15 April 2013
Tax justice and FTT workshop
International FTT strategy session

PSI affiliate members from Tunisia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and the United States participated in the global financial transactions tax campaign strategy meeting hosted by PSI in Tunis on 26 March. FTT will continue to be a pillar of the broader tax justice campaign, and campaigners are looking to collaborate on EU FTT, post-2015 MDG Summit, G20, World Public Services Day-23 June, and other upcoming advocacy opportunities. The meeting was co-organised by PSI affiliate National Nurses United.

The World Needs Tax Justice and an FTT workshop

PSI unions were among the groups from South and North who were represented by the 200 people who joined together in this dynamic public forum on 28 March at the World Social Forum. Participants spoke passionately about the need to promote progressive taxation and progressive spending on public services and sustainable development to end poverty and inequality, supported by participatory democratic processes. Co-organisers with PSI included: Attac Norway; CIDSE; CNCD-11.11.11; Europeans for Financial Reform; ETUC-CES; Belgian Trade Union Confederation/FGTB; Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung; Global Progressive Forum; Jubilee South Asia/Pacific Movement on Debt and Development; National Nurses United; Oxfam Great Britain; Robin Hood Tax campaign; SOLIDAR; Tax Justice Network-Africa; Trades Union Congress-GB; UBUNTU Forum; War on Want.

WSF tax justice statement

The outcome of the final WSF Tax Justice assembly was a succinct one page statement – a call for united global action. The new Global Alliance for Tax Justice is cited as a potential network for sharing information and coordinating various activities.

Austerity helps tax dodging according to the new study released by PSI’s European branch EPSU. This paper was shared with WSF participants: “Impact of austerity on jobs in tax services and the fight against tax fraud and avoidance in EU-27 + Norway.”

Just days after the World Social Forum concluded, a major wikileaks-style exposé on tax havens broke worldwide.
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