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28 April International Workers' Memorial Day

No more excuses!

It is the duty of governments and enterprises to protect the health and safety of workers

Cover from the DVD and accompanying booklet Sharp Sense

Sharp sense - Promoting the safety of healthcare workers

25 Jul 2011

This is the discussion guide for the PSI DVD Sharp Sense, in which a counsellor, a nurse and a physician each talk openly about the needlestick injuries they sustained, how they faced the possible consequences for their health, for their families and for their communities, and how their lives were transformed.


Recruitment and retractable syringes: SOLISCO-DRC rebuilds for its members and saves lives

25 February 2013
SOLISCO members, Kinshasa

The use of ordinary syringes carries inherent life-threatening risks of needle-stick injuries for health professionals, including exposure to hepatitis, HIV, and even Ebola. Building upon the strength of previous project successes, the IMPACT/PSI project “Sensitising and training nurses in the use of retractable syringes” which took place between 2010 and 2011 raised awareness, trained nurses and improved their OHS by introducing retractable syringes into the Democratic Republic of Congo’s health system. During the project, the union went from strength to strength with membership rising by 30% in three years.


Pakistan electricity workers celebrate Safety Day on 18 July

17 July 2012
Man working on power lines

On 18 July, electricity staff in Pakistan will be celebrating Safety Day to promote a safer preventive culture in all the workplaces of the country’s largest national public utility. The employers are also promoting this special day, to encourage workers to observe safety regulations and avoid accidents.

Australia: Unacceptable cost of workplace injuries and diseases

14 March 2012
map of australia with safety images

It is workers, not employers, who overwhelmingly bear the costs of workplace injuries and diseases, a new report has shown. The report by Safe Work Australia revealed that three-quarters of the costs of workplace injuries and diseases is borne by the injured workers themselves, including loss of current and future income and non-compensated medical expenses.


Another asbestos victory in Spain

05 March 2012

Further to the recent case in Italy, there has been another victory for asbestos victims: Uralita, a Spanish asbestos company has been found guilty for not protecting workers in Getafe (Madrid) from asbestos exposure and condemned to pay out 1.7 million euros.


Historical sentence in asbestos trial

17 February 2012
A widow remembers her husband, a victim of the Eternit company

A court in Turin has sentenced Stephan Schmidheiny and Jean Louis de Cartier to 16 years in the Eternit asbestos trial. The defendants were found guilty of environmental disaster and wilful omission of safety precautions.


First Forum & Federation symposium on workers’ health

6 December, 2011

Together with the NGO Forum for Health, PSI will be participating in the first Forum & Federation symposium on workers’ health to take place on 6 December, from 10:00 to 14:00, at the CICG in Geneva (Salle 4).



Preventing Hepatitis

22 November 2011



The Essential Sharp Sense

22 November 2011