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In Switzerland and around the world, unions say “Hands off the right to strike”

20 February 2015
Banner Hands off our right to strike held by demonstrators
On 18 February, global day of action for the right to strike, global union federations and Swiss trade unions in Geneva organised demonstrations and a press conference.

The Geneva community for trade union action (CGAS) organised a demonstration in front of the United Nations building in Geneva, followed by a press conference.

Manuela Cattani, CGAS president, together with speakers from the ILO, CERN, the UN and Swiss unions, drew attention to the situation in Geneva where the right to strike is being attacked for Swiss unions but also within the international organisations. At the press conference, journalists and supporters listened to the testimonies of Swiss workers who had been dismissed from their jobs because they went on strike.

Global unions PSI, BWI, ITF, UNI and IndustriALL visited the permanent missions of Turkey, Angola and India, calling for the right to strike and delivering messages to the governments of these countries on behalf of Global Unions. The day ended with a rally in Geneva with Swiss unions including PSI affiliate SSP.

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