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Stop using violence against peaceful protests

06 October 2014
PSI is highly concerned about the growing civil unrest in Hong Kong. The use of force to suppress the democratic movement is reaching dangerous proportions and will disrupt the lives of millions of citizens.

“We are alarmed by the lack of respect for the basic human rights of the protestors and the suppression of the peaceful assembly of people”, said Lakshmi Vaidhiyanathan, PSI Regional Secretary for the Asia Pacific region.

“We support the demands of workers for a fair election system to rectify the longstanding labour issues and the Hong Kong Government to restart the consultation of political reform.”

PSI fears that this disruption will have a negative impact on public services delivery in Hong Kong and shares the concerns expressed by the HKCTU that the Hong Kong administration is “grossly ignoring workers’ interests and the independence of trade unions. Legislation on collective bargaining, standard working hours and universal social security has been blocked. Independent trade unionists are discriminated against by their employers”.

PSI therefore urges the Government of Hong Kong to immediately stop using violence against peaceful protesters; ensure the safety of citizens and workers; recall the plan for political elections issued in August 2014 and to commit to a fair, free and genuine election process in Hong Kong.

“The PSI Asia Pacific Regional Executive Committee stands in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and trade union comrades in their struggle for democracy and freedom to choose their political representatives”, said Annie Geron, PSI APREC Co-Chair and Public Services Labour Independent Confederation (PSLINK) General Secretary.

“PSI APREC calls upon Beijing leaders to respect the rights of Hong Kong people and to exercise maximum tolerance to prevent violence against reform and freedom-seeking protesters.”

For more information contact: lakshmi.vaidhiyanathan@world-psi.org



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