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Sponsorships for IAMRECON and sectoral and transverse issues meetings

1 June, 2014

PSI will pay for double room accommodations during the conference and the preliminary meetings for up to 30 people from each of the following sub-regions: Andean, Brazil, Caribbean, Central America and the Southern Cone. Trade unions will be in charge of flights and the meals during their stay in Mexico. PSI will also cover hotel expenses for young workers that are registered as delegates and/or observers from the unions, as an extra support for the participation of young workers, independent of the 30 hotel subsidies for each sub-region. 

The allocation of sponsorships will be discussed in each sub-region and country, taking into consideration gender balance and sectoral and transverse issues meetings. The final list of sponsored participants will be sent to affiliates in January 2015.   

Please note that those receiving sponsorships for the sectoral and transverse issues meetings will also be sponsored for participation in IAMRECON representing their unions as delegates or observers. 

Additional sponsorship for hotel expenses will be provided to an additional number of participants, subject to the budgetary limitations of PSI and the opportunities created by ongoing projects in the region.  

Please keep in mind that: There will be also an extra sponsorship for ALL Young Workers attending as a delegate or an observer.

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