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Route of Shame 2017

9 June, 2017
18.00 - 20.00
Geneva, Switzerland
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Join PSI and global trade union leaders on 9 June for the “Route of Shame” bicycle ride, calling for social justice at target embassies and missions in Geneva.

Public Services International invites global trade union leaders, local unions, international organisations, NGOs and the people of Geneva to participate in the 'Route of Shame’ bicycle* ride for social justice and workers' rights, on Friday 9 June 2017.

The Route of Shame takes place during the 106th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva. A major focus of the annual ILC is to determine whether countries are upholding their obligations to respect the rights of workers and their trade unions under International Labour conventions. Countries of specific concern for PSI include Algeria, Argentina, Botswana, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Turkey.

In these and many other countries, violations take place that range from refusing registration to trade unions, discrimination of trade union members, political repression, impunity of violent attacks and murders of activists, and deadly working conditions.  Precarious jobs in the public sector and austerity measures continue to undermine human and trade union rights around the world.

The #RouteofShame will pass by the missions of Colombia, Turkey, Ecuador, Guatemala, Botswana and others.

Join us in calling for the universal protection of workers’ rights and social justice!
Quality public services and social justice are key to achieving equality, equity and dignity.
People over Profit!

Departure : 18h00, Place des Nations
Pick up bicycles* (Genève Roule)
Arrival : 20h00, Bains des Paquis
Drop off bicycles* (Genève Roule)

*Bicycles will be available for ILC Delegates (Genève Roule)

Download a PDF of the poster

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Poster A3 route of shame 9 June 2017


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