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15 March, 2017
The Right to Health newsletter is our voice, bringing to you news and perspectives on the campaign and struggles around the world to realise health as a fundamental human right.

We have seen enormous efforts of privatisation, liberalisation and cuts in the funding of health and social services, driven by an ideological construct, using the tools of ‘free trade’ and conditions for ‘aid’ and loan facilities from international financial institutions. All of them are backed with promises that ‘markets’ can do better than states because they are supposed to be more efficient and less bureaucratic. However, it is now recognised that these measures have led to increasing inequalities and have worsened the quality of health services.

Now is the time for us to unite and fight for health for all, as a significant domain of our struggle for people over profit. United and determined, we will win.

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Right to Health - Issue 02 (May/June 2017)

Download a PDF: English - Français - Español
Read on-line: English - Français - Español

Right to Health - Issue 02 (May/June 2017)

Download a PDF: English - Français - Español
Read on-line: English Français Español

Right to Health - Issue 01 (March/April 2017)

Download a PDF: English - Français - Español
Read on-line: English - Français - Español



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