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Right to Health campaign: A better future with #PublicHealth4All

April 13, 2017
Join PSI's campaign for the Human Right to Health - the global campaign to influence the formulation and implementation of policies leading to Universal Public Health Coverage (UPHC). Now is the time to unite and fight for #PublicHealth4All.

On this page you will find:

PSI  launched its global campaign for the Human Right to Health at the Health and Social Care Services Task Force meeting held in Geneva on 12-13 December. The campaign aims at building a global movement to influence policies towards attaining Universal Public Health Coverage (UPHC).

"A lack of basic provision of healthcare contributes to higher inequality and extreme poverty in society. There is a critical need for universal public health coverage, for health as a human right to be realisable. However, what we have seen is quite the contrary. Over the past few decades, the health and social care sector has been one of the main targets in significant restructuring, with increasing for-profit private interests’ involvement in the provision of health services, with explicit support of governments formulated as health reforms. Now is the time for us to unite and fight for health for all, as a significant domain of our struggle for people over profit. United and determined, we will win." - Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary.

PSI will promote the aims and objectives of this campaign with every legitimate means including mass mobilisation of members of its affiliates for days of action, lobbying governments, regional institutions and international organisations, building alliances and forging coalitions, research and affiliates capacity-building and developing proposals for laws, policies and regulations that would bring to birth quality public health for all and guarantee a better future for humankind.

Read the full Manifesto for the Human Right to Health campaign.
(PDFs available in English - Français - Españolрусский)


See latest edition: Issue 04 - April/May 2018. The Right to Health newsletter is our voice, bringing to you news and perspectives on the campaign and struggles around the world to realise health as a fundamental human right. Subscribe to "Right to Health" - Read or download past issues and send us your stories.




Working for Health in East Africa (May 2018)

Working for health in East Africa

Health for All campaign in West Africa (April 2018)

West African unions launch health campaign


Movement for the Right to Health: 3,000 people march in Buenos Aires

Right to Health Campaign
in Southern & French-speaking Africa

Participants at the francophone health meeting in Lomé, Togo

PSI launches the Right to Health, at AFREC



Human Right to Health Campaign in Southern Africa

Human Right to Health campaign in the Oceania sub-region


PSI French-speaking Africa Affiliates Call for People over Profit 

World Health Day 2017 - Right to Health



Universal Public Healthcare: Better. Cheaper. Fairer. Stronger - watch the video (April 2018):


Radiolabour interview with Baba Aye, PSI Health and Social Sector Officer:

Baba Aye

Duration: 5'47"

Posted: April 5, 2018



Duration: 3'50"
Posted: April 5, 2017





Badges (in English and Spanish) 

English badge



Posters (in English, French and Spanish)

 Health4all Español Poster



World Health Day 2018 - Health For All

Poster WHD English Poster WHD French Poster WHD Spanish

Download EN for print (.pdf)          Download FR for print (.pdf)           Download ES for print (.pdf)


World Health Day 2017 - Oppression leads to Depression - #WHD2017
Download images

Economic oppression leads to depression

 Oppression leads to Depression

 La opresión lleva a la depresión

L'oppression économique mène à la dépression

Угнетенность приводит к депрессии



High-level Comission on Health Employment and Economic Growth

Health and Social Care Services Task Force

PSI trade union Ebola response

Campaign materials:

English banner

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