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Report: Public Finance Control and Anti-Corruption Strategies Forum (2013)

14 June 2013


Public Services International leader Rosa Pavanelli opened the Public Finance Control and Anti-Corruption Strategies Forum on 13 June 2013 by saying: “Corruption is one of the sicknesses of our society. We believe that one of the best alternatives to austerity and cuts to public spending is to seriously fight against corruption. We also link this new PSI campaign against corruption to the fight for global tax justice.”

PSI hosted this forum as an official side event of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Guest speakers included PSI affiliate leaders: Sergio Daniel Hemsani, Responsible for International Affairs, Latin American Union Workers of Control Bodies Network (ULATOC); Concepción Galán Gil, Chief of Audit Unit, Tribunal de Cuentas, Spain; No Gyun Park, Vice-President, Korean Power Plant Industry Union; and Milt Isaacs, President, Association of Canadian Financial Officers.

Participants discussed how corruption undermines public services and democracy. Policies which favour privatisation of public services create the conditions which are most favourable to corruption.

Corruption wastes public money by diverting it into the hands of corrupt politicians, businesses and their agents. It steals wealth from countries and places it in tax havens.

Ending corruption requires public and political organising to demand that governments represent public interests, instead of rich individuals and powerful companies, and to hold them accountable.

At the end of the forum, PSI delegates presented an anti-corruption resolution to the attention of the ILO Director General and the Director of ILO Standards Department. Please find the resolution in English and Spanish in the attachments below.

See photos of the meeting

For more information, please contact: Jürgen Buxbaum, PSI Public Administration Coordinator, jurgen.buxbaum@world-psi.org

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