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Regional Council of Global Unions releases declaration in defense of democracy in Brazil

20 October 2015
The declaration "Defending democracy in Brazil and in the region" is signed by Jocelio Drummond, PSI Regional Secretary; Víctor Báez, CSA General Secretary; Nilton Freitas, ICM-BWI Regional Representative; Jorge Almeida, Industriall Regional Secretary; and by Adriana Rosenzvaig, UNI Américas Regional Secretary.

Defending democracy in Brazil and in the region: Declaration of the Regional Council of Global Unions and the CSA

The Regional Council of Global Unions and the CSA express their deep concern at recent events that threaten democracy in Brazil. The presidential elections are a reflection of the sovereignty of the people's will, as expressed at the polls electing Dilma Rousseff with 54.5 million votes, and must be respected by all the powers of the nation and the opposition groups that were defeated in the 2014 elections.

In Brazil and in other countries in the region democracy is at stake, debated by the interests of international financial markets and multinational companies. In Latin America and the Caribbean, democratically elected governments are constantly harassed, and sometimes violently attacked by the elites and powerful minorities that control the economy and who have chosen to cause separations, even by using legislative and judicial mechanisms to overthrow the governments.

The media, oligopolistically concentrated at national and international levels, are the main instigators of these undemocratic and reactionary agendas against the interests of the majority.

A "civil society" built in the image and likeness of a racist and reactionary minority, occupies the streets and public spaces to preach hate against the peoples' conquests.

Coups have been and will always be linked to the interests of those who want to impose reactionary and anti-popular political and economic agendas, using all possible means, from the persecution and murder of political and union leaders to the destruction of their representative organizations. There is no justification for ultra reactionary groups defeated at the polls, to want to make in Brazil and the rest of Latin America what we have seen happen in countries like Honduras and Paraguay in recent years.

Our organizations are strongly committed to defend these democracies that we managed to win by dint of enormous sacrifices. Democracy and freedom of expression, as well as more labour rights and income distribution, are basic requirements for the construction of a fairer Brazil and a fairer continent.

We will continue to fight for additional rights and more inclusion. Inclusion, which is being attacked and debated by the prophets of hate.


Sao Paulo, 13th of October, 2015

CSA, Víctor Báez, General Secretary

ICM-BWI, Nilton Freitas, Regional Representative

Industriall, Jorge Almeida, Regional Secretary

ISP, Jocelio Drummond, Regional Secretary

UNI Américas, Adriana Rosenzvaig, Regional Secretary



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