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Quebec: Sign the petition to reintegrate whistleblower on private sector interference in pesticide study

April 25, 2019
Louis Robert, Whistleblower in Quebec
Whistleblower Louis Robert, agronomist and seed expert at the Quebec Agriculture, Fisheries and Food ministry, has been dismissed after speaking out against private sector interference in a public study on pesticide use.

Robert was fired for transmitting a confidential document to a reporter and contravening secrecy obligations.

The trade union of government professionals of Quebec (SPGQ), a PSI affiliate, has launched a petition that Louis Robert is reinstated in his job and receives a public pardon and compensation for all losses incurred since he was dismissed on 24 January 2019.

Quebec’s whistleblower law protects employees who disclose information within their department. But disclosure to the public is protected only if the employee believes there is a serious risk to health, safety or the environment.

At a meeting in Washington, DC, 17-18 April 2019 Canadian and US affiliates of the Public Services International (PSI) adopted the following resolution, calling on their members to support the petition for Louis Robert to be reinstated in his job:

WHEREAS Mr. Louis Robert, agronomist employed by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ), was fired after 32 years of service for having denounced the interference of powerful private sector businesses in the public research on the harmful effects of pesticide use on public health;

WHEREAS Mr. Robert acted as a whistleblower to bring to the public’s attention important information to safeguard the health and food security of the public;

BE IT RESOLVED that the US and Canadian affiliates of the PSI request of the PSI and PSI members support for the petition demanding the immediate reinstatement of agronomist Louis Robert.

PSI calls on all its affiliates to sign the petition to ensure the respect of all whistleblowers around the world.

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