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Public workers' rights continue to be violated in Ecuador

03 October 2013
PSI has sent a letter of protest to the President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, calling him to urgently suspend the application of Decree 813 and informing him once again about our willingness to engage in social dialogue in order to strengthen public services and political democracy, economic and social development in Ecuador.

During the last four years, PSI has expressed deep concerns about the continued denial of the rights of Ecuadorian public sector workers as the result of reforms implemented since 2008.

So far, there has not been any progress. Moreover, one can note that the government denies workers’ rights more and more. Executive Order 813 of 2011 is being re-implemented, through which the concept of "mandatory resignation" allowed for the dismissal of thousands of public sector workers. Among other cases, this is highlighted by the recent arbitrary dismissal of 500 workers and professionals from the National Institute of Hygiene Izquieta Leopoldo Pérez (INH).

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