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"Public services welcome migrants" seminar to be held in March

12 February 2016

On 14-16 March, PSI, EPSU and ETUI will be holding a seminar in Brussels, Belgium, on “Public Services Welcoming Migrants: Strengthening the Role of Public Service Trade Unions in the Protection of Human Rights and Delivery of Public Services to Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees”.

Public service workers are at the frontlines in receiving migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. They provide emergency care, health, shelter and social services that are key to ensuring protection, safety and well-being of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees as they arrive and settle in the receiving country. Together with local authorities and the community, public service workers are the first contact point and are directly facing the pressure and challenges in the delivery of these services to migrants.

The seminar will bring together trade unionists from countries around the Mediterranean, MENA and Africa to strengthen cooperation and enhance the role of public service trade unions in dealing with migration.

Specifically, the seminar will:

  • Raise awareness of the role of public service workers in dealing with migrants;
  • Improve our understanding of European Council action plan on migration, examine areas for trade union action and promote dialogue;
  • Allow participants to exchange information and experiences geared towards formulating common actions to address current challenges in countries of origin, transit and destination of migrants;
  • Strengthen partnerships with local authorities, civil society and other actors in ensuring the delivery of quality public services and shaping rights-based migration policies; and
  • Identify strategies and sharing of good practices to organising workers.

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